Using words to spread kindness

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If you read the origin stories of many startups, they all start with an idea, an inspiration that takes hold.

Kind | Copy
is no different.

In a world full of negativity, cut throat competition and fear, we decided to do just the opposite.

We choose to use our skills to spread kindness, not shame.

We dedicate ourselves to companies, brands and products who try to make a difference, to the world or to people.

We have chosen to use our skills in research and learning to help educate, entertain and improve the lives of those who read our words.

We care deeply about , the planet, parenthood and mental health.

We want to talk about topics that help to alleviate loneliness, that help to bring people together and relate more closely to one another.

We want to support brands, companies and services that are helping the planet, not breaking it.


Our Services

We spread kindness through our words. We use our skill with research, our ability to learn, to inform the copy that we create. We aim to partner with companies that spread kindness, and to write about topics, products, companies, and experiences that help people and the planet. 

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What Is Kind Copy?

Kind | Copy was born one day like a bolt from the blue. Struck by the inspiration that what really drives us is to help, we began Kind | Copy, hoping to spread that message far and wide. We use our skills to boost kind companies and individuals, and to spread a message of help and kindness.

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Kind | Content

In our blog, we write about the things we care about. Sometimes that will be our current favourite Kind Product or Service, or a Kind Company we’ve been working with. Sometimes we’ll talk about mental health or living an eco-conscious lifestyle. What you read here is what we love.

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Our Practice

We work from the leafy suburbs outside of sunny Cape Town, South Africa with clients from all over the globe. As we sit so close to GMT, we are able to work with clients from everywhere, accommodating them through Skype, Slack, email and Facebook.


“If you wish others to believe in you,
you must first convince them that you
believe in them’.

— Harvey Mackay (NYT Bestselling Author)


A Top 10 Service

Content agencies and copywriters are a dime a dozen. There are literally thousands of options available.
We at Kind | Copy aim to produce a different type of content for a different type of client.
We aim to spread kindness and happiness with our words.