Kind | Copy

In 2019, our founder, Sigrid Kenmuir, was brought to her knees with mental and physical health issues. After reaching rock bottom, and getting the help she didn’t know she needed, she did what she always did: she wrote out her experiences. This writing was the start of Kind | Copy.

Kind | Copy was born from a desire to use research, learning and words to help other people. We want to draw attention to mental health concerns, to support mothers, to bring light into dark places. We want to talk about the subjects no-one else wants to tackle. We want to work with companies and groups who are making a difference. Our aim is to use our skills to make a difference.

Sigrid Kenmuir, Founder

After spending the better part of a decade working for others, Sigrid decided to take her career on the road. You can learn more about Sigrid on her website.

She spent two years working for clients from all walks of life and all kinds of industries.

Then, one day, she decided that she had found her life’s purpose: to use her words to help.

And so, Kind | Copy was born.

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How we work

Kind | Copy is a boutique content creation and management agency. The concept of the company was designed to make premium services available to small to medium size companies.

The services we offer are either completed in-house, or by our network of trusted freelancers. Every piece of work is edited and vetted by our in-house specialists, ensuring an incredibly high quality of output. Working in this way allows us to keep costs low, a saving we pass onto our clients.

Ongoing projects will have specialists assigned to them, to ensure high quality and continuity.