Pricing + Services


All projects are quoted to client specifications, and are open to negotiation to a point. Pricing is based on the recommendations of SAFREA.

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All projects are written from scratch, well researched and delivered without plagiarism or avoidable errors. Facts are checked, opinions are noted, and writing can be provided with authorship or ghost-written on behalf the client. We cover marketing content, product descriptions, website copy, advertorials, corporate content, online consumer content, SEO content, consumer/blog content, email marketing content, and more.


For clients who feel that they know what they want to say but not how to say it, this is for you. Editing preserves the sense and content, while tailoring to read better for a specific audience. This can mean stripping away unnecessarily formal language, or adding in more personal touches, depending on the context.

content planning

You have capacity to produce the content in-house, but have no idea where to start? This one is for you. This service can be added on to another service - writing or editing, for example - or taken alone. We will examine your existing content, the aims of your business and your target customer to create a content plan that resonates and helps you achieve your goals.


Even the best writers sometimes benefit from an extra pair of eyes. Proofreading is the last step before publishing, and helps to ensure that there are no missing or extra words or letters, that all sentences make sense by themselves and together, and that the piece is cohesive. It happens after editing, and is a check-step to ensure high quality.

social media content planning

As a business, you’ve decided that you need to be on social media. Maybe you even have someone who will manage the content output and responses? But what do you post? Where do you start? Here’s where we come in. We’ll examine your business, your existing accounts, your followers and your target audience. We’ll create a social media content calendar for you to follow in-house, or help you to find an outsourced resource you can trust.

website management

Adding content, changing pages, moving and editing details, uploading and editing products - not all businesses have someone in-house who can manage those changes. And not all businesses can afford a developer! The good news is that for Wordpress, Squarespace or Shopify websites, we can manage your website for you.

Academic editing & proofreading

Even the best academic, who is the most intelligent and well-educated, isn’t always good at writing. Writing, editing and proofreading are specialised skills, and your thesis has to be handed in in writing. Don’t let your (in)ability to express yourself in words hold you back! Let us edit your thesis - preserving all your learnings, research and knowledge - and help you produce a thesis you are proud of.


Transcribing audio to text can be a laborious process, but one we enjoy doing. Whether you have audio or video that you need to pair with text, we’re available to transcribe it for you.